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School Board Considers Layoffs For Non-Teaching Staff

School Board Considers Layoffs For Non-Teaching Staff
San Diego Unified trustees will consider sending almost 1,000 more layoff notices.

San Diego Unified trustees are scheduled to vote tonight on eliminating almost 1,000 more positions to balance next year’s budget. The measure would mean more than 2,600 district employees will be on notice that their jobs could disappear next year.

School security staff, office clerks, special education assistants and bus drivers are among school employees who will be notified April 30 that they could be laid off when the school year ends.

If the proposal to balance the school district’s $122 million budget shortfall doesn’t change, 975 classified employees will get notices of possible layoff, according to district spokesman Bernie Rhinerson. That’s on top of the more than 1,600 teachers, librarians, counselors and nurses that got the same notices in March.


About 385 of the positions school trustees will consider eliminating tonight are part of the district’s preschool programs, Rhinerson said. Without dramatic changes to the state’s proposed funding for early education programs, San Diego schools will lose 2,500, or about half, of their current preschool seats.

Parents and teachers organized by the San Diego Education Association, the school district's teachers union, planned to rally before Tuesday night's board meeting to protest the cuts to early education in the district.