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South Campus Plaza Nears Completion At San Diego State

South Campus Plaza Nears Completion At San Diego State

A high-rise development on the edge of San Diego State University is soon to be finished. Once South Campus Plaza is done, it will provide housing for 600 students, a Trader Joe’s and — some say — a campus community that doesn’t yet exist.

The people moving into the new residence halls are students who will live in the upper stories. On the ground floor will be restaurants and a Trader Joe’s market. Bob Schultz, university architect for SDSU, said the development is aimed at creating a campus community for today’s students.

“This is a very pedestrian-centric generation we’ve got enrolled here," he said. "So now, for the first time in generations you’ll be able to come here, buy your groceries, have a beer with your friends, watching a game.”


The site has slowly transformed from a forest of steel framing and wallboard to two six-story buildings along College Avenue. Construction of South Campus Plaza, like so many construction projects, got behind schedule.

“We had some problems getting our permitting documents approved," Schultz said.

“We were originally going to move in, in August of 2016,“ he added, standing amid the remaining worksite.

Now the residence halls will be ready for students in January. Final construction wraps up in April.

And what about Trader Joe’s, the anchor tenant? They’ll be opening. They just won’t say when.