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San Diego's Cool Summer Continues

Coldest August Day Record Possible

San Diego's summer has been a bust so far if you're a fan of sunny skies and warmer temperatures. Forecasters expect the pattern to continue.

While much of the country is dealing with sweltering heat, San Diego continues to have a cooler than normal summer.

Robert Balfour is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in San Diego.


He said we've been stuck in a late spring, early summer weather pattern.

"So we've had lots of clouds along the coast during the night well into the afternoon hours and then over the inland valleys and stuff into the mid-to-late morning hours as well," said Balfour. "So when the clouds are in that's going to knock the temperatures down about 8 degrees. Hence, we've had cooler temperatures."

Balfour said the lowest August high temperature in San Diego was 66 degrees in 1924, 1908 and 1899. He said it's possible that record could be tied or broken this month.

He said next week may be a bit warmer for the inland valleys of the county, but not much change at the coast.

"There's an old saying," said Balfour. "Winter comes in spring, spring comes in summer, summer comes in fall and then winter never comes at all."


Balfour said the longer range forecast is for a warmer than normal September, October and November.