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Solana Beach Votes To Ban Plastic Bags

The Solana Beach City Council voted unanimously to approve the first reading of an ordinance that would ban single use plastic bags.

Councilwoman Lesa Heebner said she has been inundated with support for the measure from residents.

“We recognize the harm that plastic bags do to our environments,” she said. “ It harms wildlife, and we’re small enough to institute something like this and see the difference that it makes.”


Heebner said larger cities face legal challenges from the plastics industry. However, recent legal settlements allow cities with fewer than 30,000 residents to ban single-use plastic bags without doing a full environmental report first. Solana Beach has a population of 12,000.

Heebner said stores will have the option of charging customer ten cents for recyclable bags.

She said the ordinance would go into effect in phases, three and six months after it passes. The ordinance will have its second reading on May 9th.

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