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San Diego Flights Delayed, Canceled By Winter Storm

Lindbergh Field flights were being delayed today due to winter storm conditions prevailing elsewhere in the country.

"At last count we had 82 flights that were experiencing weather-related delays into and out of San Diego to places like Chicago, Dallas-Ft. Worth, even the San Francisco Bay area,'' said Katie Jones, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority spokeswoman.

Jones advised travelers to remain in contact with their airlines.


"Even if you're traveling to a destination that isn't affected by weather, the plane you plan to leave on could be coming from a place where there are issues,'' she said.

It's fortunate that today is not a big travel day at Lindbergh.

"We're expecting about 46,000 people to come into and out of Lindbergh, that's an average day for us,'' said Jones.

Jones said the big travel days at Lindbergh this week are expected to be Friday and Sunday when people will be returning from Christmas vacation.

"Hopefully, weather issues can be cleared up before we hit our bigger travel days,'' Jones said.