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Sunshine, Warmer Weather Predicted For San Diego County

The sun shines over the I-5 South and the Sherman Heights neighborhood of San Diego on Feb. 21, 2021.
KPBS Staff
The sun shines over the I-5 South and the Sherman Heights neighborhood of San Diego on Feb. 21, 2021.

Fair and dry weather was expected to continue in San Diego County through this week, the National Weather Service said Sunday.

A passing trough and building high pressure aloft were expected to set up gusty and warmer Santa Ana conditions through Monday, forecasters said. The strongest winds were predicted on the coastal mountain slopes, and below passes and canyons through Sunday afternoon, the NWS said.

The weather service said the top five wind gusts late Saturday and early Sunday were:


— Sill Hill, 61 mph;

— Hauser Mountain, 56 mph;

— Palomar Mountain Lookout, 55 mph;

— Boulder Creek, 55 mph;

— Mt. Laguna Observatory, 55 mph.


Above normal temperatures will continue through Friday with temperatures falling toward normal next weekend.

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Coastal area high temperatures on Sunday were expected to be 71-76 degrees with overnight lows of 44-49. Highs in the western valleys will be about 75 with overnight lows of 44-51. Highs near the foothills will be 65-70 with overnight lows of 44-51.

Mountain highs were expected to be 54-61 with overnight lows of 34-44. Desert highs will be 70-75 with overnight lows of 43-52.

"High pressure aloft will lead to abundant sunshine over the next few days along with warmer conditions," forecasters said. "Temperatures will reach well into the 70s west of the mountains and into the lower-mid 80s over the lower deserts by Tuesday and Wednesday."

Temperatures will be on the rebound Sunday, peaking on Monday with high temperatures in the upper 70s away from the coast, or about 10 degrees above normal, and remaining warmer than normal on Tuesday, the NWS said.

Forecasters were predicting gusty onshore winds on Wednesday and a weaker offshore wind event on Thursday. The more persistent troughing will develop Thursday through the weekend.