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Organization Offers Unusual Work For Those With Autism

Jeffery Stein, founder of Jobs for Autism, was told his son had autism two decades ago. Back then, Stein says, he was told his son would never speak.

But Stein's son does speak, he also reads, writes, graduated from school and works full time.

The experience of watching his son prove skeptics wrong motivated Stein to help other young adults find fulfilling work. He founded Jobs for Autism eight years ago.


Since then, Stein has helped place workers in jobs that range from working on a movie set to working in security, repairing motorcycles and computer and video programing.

“They can do a lot more than stuff pencils in a box. In fact, there’s a software computer company that only hires people with Asperger’s and autism as programmers," said Stein.

Raising awareness about autism spectrum’s workforce is also important, said Stein.

Willie Nelson’s son would seem to agree. Lukas Nelson is in the band Promise of the Real and the Kingsmen, a band of musicians who have autism who will perform a benefit concert Saturday night.

The band will perform at the Birch North Park Theater. Tickets are $15, but Stein said the money will only pay for the venue.


He suggested all other donations be made in the form of jobs.