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San Diego Riders Celebrate 'Dump The Pump Day'

Summer Trolley

The latest report by the American Public Transportation Association, found a single car, versus two car household saves about $10,000 a year.

The report also found carbon emission was reduced by 20 pounds a day per person for those who use public transportation instead of a car

Those were just few of the reasons San Diego transit riders gave for participating in the 7th annual National Dump The Pump Day.


Tourists, Eric Vincent and his 6-year-old son said they take public transit when they visit San Diego because it’s convenient.

“Every time we come to town I take the trolley because it’s a really easy way to get around this city, and we don’t have to worry about parking,” said Vincent.

His son Bradley, a first grader, said he prefers to take the trolley over a bus.

“Trolleys go faster, and we don’t have to wait as much,” the youngster explained.

Karla Wildman took her first solo trolley ride on Thursday.


“I lost my car, I got into and accident, so now I have to use public transportation. I like it, because its easy and kind of fun,” said Wildman.

Even if you have a car, Jamila Hillebrand, a representative for the Metropolitan Transit System said using public transportation saves.

“By riding public transportation you can save yourself a lot of money. We have our $72 monthly pass and our $18 senior disabled pass, so that saves in gas and parking passes,” said Hillebrand.

MTS and SANDAG offered gift cards and other incentives to riders throughout the day.