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Volunteer Will Walk And Wheel 3,200 Miles To Support Meals On Wheels

Walk for Hunger

Phil Cihiwsky said he's been dreaming for years of walking across the country. And today his dream has finally come true.

He's now walking to raise awareness about homebound seniors and Meals on Wheels.

Cihiwsky, 59, recently retired and he's already got a new volunteer gig. It includes seven months worth of travel, long walks in scenic and not so scenic places and pushing his three-wheel modified rolling cart 3,200 miles from San Diego to Maine. All to raise awareness about Meals On Wheels.


"I suppose it's the good work and the generosity, the human spirit is all about helping those who are in need so, I thought it was a natural fit for me," he said.

Cihiwsky admitted the walk was his idea, but a friend actually convinced him to do it on behalf of Meals On Wheels.

"There are some seniors who are isolated in their homes and not only a meal twice a day is a benefit to them, but also some companionship and people coming by to check up on them," he said. "So my hats off to those folks at meals on wheels."

The program provides two meals a day for 2,300 seniors throughout San Diego County.

Cihiwsky's cart is fully equipped with camping supplies, water and sundries for his seven month trip. The mission: drum up support for a national organization serving homebound seniors in San Diego for 53 years.


"Anyone who's viewing this, I would hope that they go to the Meals On Wheels website, find the donation button and give today and give generously and thank you very much."

Cihiwsky will walk an average of 19 miles a day through 15 states. He hopes to meet other volunteers along the way with a final stop in York Harbor, Maine by October.

Meals On Wheels will post Cihiwsky's pictures and videos from his walk on their website later this week.