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San Diego Museum Unveils 'Fragile Waters' Exhibit

San Diego Museum Unveils ‘Fragile Waters’ Exhibit

Ansel Adams, Ernest Brooks and Dorothy Kerper Monnelly are the names behind an inspiring ecological exhibit that is making a stop in San Diego.

"Fragile Waters" includes 119 black and white images born out of concern following the huge BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico five years ago.

Jeanne Falk Adams is the curator and daughter-in-law of the late Ansel Adams. Forty of his pieces are on display showing California waterways along with just as many from Brooks, who at 80 still works 10 months a year capturing icebergs in Antarctica and animal life underwater.

"We wanted to help people remind themselves of their personal connection with nature" Adams said.

Connecting with nature is just one part of what artists hope viewers will get from the exhibit. They also hope the images will draw attention on issues such as environmental degradation and preservation of the planet’s aquatic ecosystems.

"We need to be good stewards of this property for our own sakes because it nurtures us. These landscapes nurture us," Kerper said.

The "Fragile Waters" exhibit opens Sunday and runs through Sept. 15 at the Maritime Museum of San Diego at 1492 North Harbor Drive.

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