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San Diego State Showcases Student-Run Companies

San Diego State Showcases Student-Run Companies

San Diego State University students and alumni gathered Tuesday to showcase the university's entrepreneurial spirit.

Entrepreneur Day has been held once a year at SDSU for the past six years. The event allows students or former students to show off their goods and services.

"We started this about four years ago and as you can see we've created a little entrepreneurial village on the campus," said Bernhard Schroeder, the director of SDSU's Lavin Entrepreneurship Center Programs.


The businesses vary from eco-friendly sunglasses to phone cases and a music service promoting independent artists. But one of the most successful companies in the past four years is Shake Smart.

"What we're trying to do is bring healthy convenience to the masses with Shake Smart," said Martin Reiman, one of two students who founded the company.

Schroeder called Shake Smart an amazing story.

"They start out as lifestyle companies and then they turn into bigger companies because they've tied into a bigger marketplace,” Schroeder said.