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Labor Rallies for Cesar Chavez Day

San Diego union members rally for local jobs on Cesar Chavez Day.
Alison St John
San Diego union members rally for local jobs on Cesar Chavez Day.

San Diego’s Labor Council rallied in downtown San Diego today to honor Cesar Chavez Day.

Hundreds of home health care workers, airport security workers, firefighters, construction workers and janitors in red tee-shirts rallied at Spanish Landing.

Congressman Bob Filner was one of a handful of elected politicians to join them, in memory of Cesar Chavez.

"Cesar Chavez - he worked for dignity for farm workers, for good working conditions, for good wages." said Filner. "What would Cesar do today? We would have been marching for health care, we would have been marching for a public option. That’s what Cesar would have been doing, and we’d be marching for jobs: jobs, jobs, jobs!"

The crowd marched four miles from the airport to the County Administration building and on to City Hall.

They called for term limits for county supervisors and an ordinance to give city-funded construction jobs to local workers.

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