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Social Media Changing Doctor Patient Relationship

Social Media Changing Doctor Patient Relationship
The California Healthcare Institute will explore the impact of social media tools on the health care industry.

New social media tools are changing the way patients communicate with their doctors.

Some experts say more than half-a-million people will be using health-care mobile applications on their smart phones by the year 2015.

Some of those tools are being developed in San Diego.


Sanitas, a San Diego-based company, created a networking site connecting doctors, patients, caregivers and families. The site is designed to help patients maintain their health care regimens.

"We all see that this is the future, that we are all using apps ourselves and we're trying to get people together to gain a better understanding of this art right now, " David Gollaher, President and CEO of California Healthcare Institute said.

Gollaher also says the future of the health care industry will include devices implanted into patients that can communicate with Smartphones.

"It can get people with serious conditions be seen earlier, and as we all know treating someone earlier in the course of the disease saves money and produces better outcomes," he said.

CHI is holding a forum at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies on Thursday. It will also address topics such as privacy and regulation of social media in the health-care industry.