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New Health Laws Take Effect Next Week

New Health Laws Take Effect Next Week
The new year brings a slate of new health laws in California.

A new batch of health laws goes into effect in California on January 1st. The measures cover a wide range of public health issues.

For example, beginning next week, kids under 18 will no longer be allowed to use tanning beds.

Another law will try to cut down on underage drinking, by banning the sale of alcohol at self-service checkout stands.


Also on January 1st, pharmacists will be allowed to sell adults up to 30 syringes without a prescription. Glenn Backes is a consultant with the Drug Policy Alliance.

"California was one of the last three states to finally come around and say, pharmacists are qualified to run their business, and pharmacists are qualified to treat their communities and help prevent HIV and hepatitis C," Backes said.

A different law will give state public health officials the authority to establish clean needle exchange programs in local communities. Currently, area lawmakers can veto such efforts.