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Young Adult Health Coverage Law Will Stay in California Regardless of High Court Ruling

U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius said more than three million adults under 26 years old are now getting health benefits under their parents' plans.

"In the past," explained Sebelius, "many young adults just starting their careers or still studying struggled to find affordable coverage. That led some to take jobs they otherwise wouldn't have just because they offered health insurance. Others simply went without coverage."

That provision was also written into California law, so it will stay even if the Supreme Court throws out the federal law. Anthony Wright with the advocacy group Health Access said the same goes for new California maternity coverage rules and other benefits for kids and seniors.


"Many, many other protections and provisions would be struck down because they are dependent on the federal law either directly or they require the framework of that law," said Wright.

The high court ruling will also determine the fate of California's expansion of the state's version of Medicaid and the pre-existing condition insurance plan. Both are dependent on federal funds.