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County Issues 'Do Not Drink' Notice For 100-Plus Campo Residents

A drinking fountain in this undated photo.
Alexander Nguyen
A drinking fountain in this undated photo.

The county of San Diego's Department of Environmental Health issued a "do not drink" notice Tuesday for water distributed by the Lake Morena Views Mutual Water Company in Campo.

Water testing found nitrate levels higher than the maximum allowed in the water system, which serves roughly 120 residential connections and a general store in the area. Nitrates in drinking water can come from natural, industrial or agricultural sources like septic systems and fertilizer.

Residents are advised to avoid drinking water from the system for the time being. Attempting to purify it by boiling, freezing or filtering will not reduce nitrate levels, according to county officials.


The notice will remain in effect until water testing shows that nitrate levels have been reduced and the water is once again safe to drink.