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U.N. Plans Air Drop to Help Somali Flood Victims

The United Nations is organizing an airdrop of food and supplies into southern Somalia. The agency hopes to use helicopters to help entire communities that have been cut off from the world by flooding.

The entire Horn of Africa has been socked by rain in recent weeks.

But for all the damage that has been done in Ethiopia, Somalia and northern Kenya -- from crocodile-infested waters to the risk of cholera and other diseases -- the rain has done one positive thing. For the moment, at least, it has delayed a military confrontation on the Horn that threatens the entire region.


Matt Bryden, the lead consultant on the current tensions for the International Crisis Group in Nairobi, says that, "In most of the Horn of Africa, people are praying for the end of the rains. In Somalia, the end of the rains will probably be the beginning of something much worse."

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