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KPBS Announces Changes to Radio Schedule

Starting today, KPBS Radio 89.5 FM will feature a new schedule on weeknights and on the weekends. The changes reflect the station’s priority to invest in programming to appeal to a younger, more diverse audience and meet listeners on the platforms they use.

Leaving the broadcast schedule are “Fresh Air,” “Radiolab” and “On the Media.”

“Fresh Air,” “Radiolab” and “On The Media” are available on demand anytime as podcasts:


“KPBS is extremely grateful for the many years Terry Gross and the team at WHYY put into producing ‘Fresh Air’ for our audiences. We recognize the show is a public radio institution, and served our audience well for many many years, and we’ll always appreciate and acknowledge that contribution. ‘Fresh Air’ is one of the top downloaded podcasts, so we are confident our listeners will still be able to easily find and listen to the show, even though it’s no longer going to be on our on-air signal,” says John Decker, interim associate general manager of content.
KPBS will add “Code Switch” and “Life Kit” in mid-August 2021. “Code Switch” will be paired with “Life Kit” for an hour of important ideas and practical advice for the audience. Every week, listeners will hear stories about race and identity that expand their minds, and learn practical ways to make their lives better.

Throughline” was added to the lineup earlier in the year and has been an instant favorite with listeners. The new radio show from NPR started as a history podcast, and connects the events of the past with our present day lives. Hosts Rund Abdelfatah and Ramtin Arablouei tackle the history behind today's headlines, and take the listener back in time to understand the present. It airs Sundays at 10am.

“The pandemic upended radio on-air listening,” says Decker. “The habit of listening in your car as you drove to and from work disappeared. We - like so many radio stations - saw a reduction in audience but digital content consumption increased exponentially. We anticipate this to continue and want to meet our audience where they are. These programming schedule changes are an effort to redistribute some of our programming funds and time slots in support of our needs in the podcast and digital content area. For the fans that are disappointed, I hope they still listen to the podcasts of these great programs.”

The new schedule can be viewed here.

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