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Another California recall drive, this time in Poway

Save Poway
Kitty Alvarado
Save Poway leader Christopher Olps announces effort to recall Mayor Steve Vaus is now collecting signatures.

Another California recall effort is underway, this time in Poway, and the target is Mayor Steve Vaus.

On Wednesday, recall leader Christopher Olps announced the launch of the recall signature drive to handful of people gathered at a park in south Poway. They say Vaus has not been straightforward with the public when it comes to development projects.

"At the end of the day it’s about removing a mayor that is not listening when we say yes affordable housing and you get market rate housing and you get no community parks and no community park in this process it’s a big disconnect," Olps said.


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Olps plans to run for mayor if the recall is successful.

Others who spoke at the news conference also said development as the main issue they were angry about.

"Four stories we don’t need in Poway, and the parking, we don’t have enough parking, they’re all going to be on my street," said Camile Stewart.

Vaus declined an interview request from KPBS, but issued a written statement calling the recall ”phony” and urging people not to sign the petition. Brian Pepin, who is running for city council, spoke on behalf of the mayor and called the recall effort a waste of taxpayer money.


"For the city to spend over half a million dollars from a recall election for which will be less than 12 months from the regular election, I just think that’s a terrible use of city taxpayer resources," Pepin said.

Save Poway organizers collecting signatures to recall mayor

Olps said Pepin is overblowing the recall's cost, especially if it is held in June, when a primary is already planned.

Recall organizers have until February 17th to collect more than 6,600 signatures to qualify for the ballot.

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