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Local and statewide updates from California's primary election

Montezuma Hall on the San Diego State University Campus serves as a voting center during the 2022 California primary election.
Bennett Lacy/ KPBS
Signage directing users to a voting center in San Diego State University, June 3, 2022.

While votes in California's primary election are still being counted across the state, there's already a clearer picture of what many statewide races will look like in November.

Statewide races: California Governor and Attorney General

Marisa Lagos, correspondent with KQED’s California Politics and Government Desk, joined KPBS Midday Edition on Wednesday to talk about the latest statewide election results.


"We are seeing crime and public safety be top of mind in these local races, but I'm not sure we know whether that's going to be a main sort of concern in things like congressional races, or it doesn't seem like it will be in statewide races given how strong folks like (Attorney General Rob) Bonta and (Governor Gavin) Newsom performed," Lagos said. "But in general, it's going to be a long road between here and November."

Local races:

San Diego County Sheriff's Office and California Assembly District 80

Jacob Aere, KPBS Speak City Heights reporter joined Midday Edition to talk about the race for San Diego County Sheriff and California Assembly District 80.

Aere said the local voter turnout was low compared to previous election years.


"So far, of the nearly 2 million registered voters in the county, just over 416,000 ballots have been cast. And while they are projecting 250,000 outstanding ballots, that still equates to roughly a 34% voter turnout," Aere said.

Chula Vista Mayoral and San Diego City Council District 2

Gustavo Solis, KPBS investigative border reporter joined Midday Edition on Wednesday to talk about the the Chula Vista Mayoral race and the San Diego City Council District 2 race.

For more election information, visit the KPBS Voter Hub.