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Draft plan for 505 acre De Anza Cove released by city of San Diego

De Anza Cove covers about 505 acres within Mission Bay Park. A new proposal — the draft De Anza Cove Amendment to the Mission Bay Park Master Plan — was just released by the city. It is an initial proposal with lots of refining yet to come, according to San Diego Planning Director Heidi Vonblum.

“This is a high level plan that identifies broad ranges of uses, and these largely can be broken down into active recreation, regional parkland, visitor accommodations and natural habitat," she said.

Under the proposal as it stands now, some of the area that is currently occupied by Campland on the Bay would be returned to wetlands. KPBS reached out to the family who has run Campland for years for comment, but no one got back to us.

The Kendall Frost Marsh Reserve, part of the De Anza Cove proposal, is shown on March 8, 2023.
Charlotte Radulovich
The Kendall Frost Marsh Reserve, part of the De Anza Cove proposal, is shown on March 8, 2023.

The major change under this new plan would be the addition and restoration of wetlands. More than 130-acres of new wetlands would be added to the current nearly 79-acre Kendall Frost Marsh Reserve.

Vonblum said it's important “that we have a sustainable, resilient plan for the future for this area," to address sea-level rise.

The city has been hearing from stakeholders — and from the public for years. Vonblum said that input has informed the new plan about what this area should look like in the future.

New recreation opportunities are envisioned, including golf facilities, tennis courts and ball fields. Vonblum said the area can be an economic driver in several ways, including eco-tourism.


Vonblum said decisions about who will get leases for recreation areas is yet to be determined.

“That will occur once the plan is adopted through a separate process known as the general development plan," she said.

The public comment period ends on April 20. Comments on the future of De Anza Cove can be submitted here.

The city council is expected to adopt a final plan by late this year. Then, a years-long process will begin to transform this most unique, beautiful part of San Diego.