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Why Aren't San Diego's Streets Fixed Faster?

In 2009, the City of San Diego took out a $100 million loan to repair the city's crumbling streets and infrastructure. Today, less than half that has been spent. looked into why.
Guest: Liam Dillon, politics writer,

VOSD's Liam Dillon will discuss San Diego's infrastructure problems on Tuesday's show.

As you dodge potholes while driving along the streets of San Diego, you may recall some promise made about fixing the city's bad streets. You may even remember a huge loan the city took out, that was supposed to be spent on street improvement.

So why is San Diego's pothole and paving problem still so bad?

An article published by analyzes why so many of our streets and so much of our public infrastructure is crumbling, and why we haven't been fixing it and what's taking so long to fix it now.

Guests: Liam Dillon, politics writer,


Todd Gloria, San Diego City Councilmember, 3rd District