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Czech Philharmonic Visits San Diego

Czech Philharmonic Visits San Diego
San Diego Stop for Czech Philharmonic GUESTS:Josef Spachek, concert master principle, and first violinist with the Czech PhilharmonicChristopher Beach, president and artistic director, La Jolla Music Society

It is always a special day for Midday Edition, when we host a live musical performance. This time it's to celebrate the appearance of the Czech Philharmonic in San Diego. Their performance tonight begins a new celebrity orchestra season for the La Jolla Music Society. Not only do we have a performer who is a rising celebrity himself, But the La Jolla Music Society brings important news about plans to build a home of its own. It is a pleasure to welcome my guests. Christopher Beach is here with Josef Spachek. Welcome. Josef, I have been reading the touring schedule. It reads like a rock band on a bus tour. You go up and down the coast of California, on two dates in the East coast including Carnegie Hall, all in about two weeks. How do you do that? JOSEF SPACHEK: It is tough. We hop on a plane which takes about 12 hours to fly here. And we have a day off to clementines. It is hard work. And we are off playing concerts day by day. MAUREEN CAVANAUGH: One town, one night stands almost? A town here and the next night you were in another? JOSEF SPACHEK: It has been nice. We take the bus to the concert hall and drive back. We stay in the same room for a few nights, which is quite nice. MAUREEN CAVANAUGH: You are the concert master principle, how long have you been with the orchestra? JOSEF SPACHEK: This my fourth season. I joined after my graduation. From Juilliard, and also the Curtis Institute. MAUREEN CAVANAUGH: That's why your English is so perfect. What makes the Czech Philharmonic a celebrity orchestra? CHRISTOPHER BEACH: It is one of the great, great orchestras of the world. It has been for decades and decades. The check have, to me, and edgy sound, wonderful exciting sound. It is a pleasure to present them again. MAUREEN CAVANAUGH: We will not keep the audience in this patient any longer. Josef is going to play for us. We are all eager to hear your selection. What are you going to play for us? JOSEF SPACHEK: Sonata No.3. [ PLAYING VIOLIN ] MAUREEN CAVANAUGH: Wonderful. CHRISTOPHER BEACH: Bravo. JOSEF SPACHEK: Thank you. MAUREEN CAVANAUGH: The Czech Philharmonic will be performing tonight at Copley Symphony Hall. I will give Josef a moment. CHRISTOPHER BEACH: Can you imagine tonight, hearing 90 people play with that kind of ferocious elegant playing? It's spectacular, Bravo. MAUREEN CAVANAUGH: I want to ask you about the La Jolla Music Society. They are constructing the performing arts center. Where will that be? When will we see it? CHRISTOPHER BEACH: Opening night is October 2017. For 46 years, The La Jolla Music Society has been bringing the world to San Diego. We have brought great jazz musicians, classical musicians, and dance companies that have performed in eight companies throughout San Diego. We will be adding to that with a new performing arts center with two theaters and a cabaret. MAUREEN CAVANAUGH: It's been a long time since you have had a home of your own, hasn't it? CHRISTOPHER BEACH: We have never had one. This will be the new performing arts center. MAUREEN CAVANAUGH: A lot of arts institutions in San Diego, as we have heard in the last couple of years, have been struggling. What is the secret of the La Jolla Music Society? CHRISTOPHER BEACH: You just heard the secret. We have been very careful, and we have grown slowly. Every year, we have added a little bit of series here and made sure that we had an audience for that. We also have great flexibility. We can do anything. We can present great international orchestras, jazz musicians, ballet companies and dance companies, American and European. That gives us a great deal of breath and let's ability. We have something for everybody. MAUREEN CAVANAUGH: Josef, could you tell us a little bit about your wonderful violin? JOSEF SPACHEK: This violin, it's funny, I actually found it and bought it in New York. I was playing a Stratocaster from Juilliard. I came upon a violin maker in New York, for a regular check checkup. MAUREEN CAVANAUGH: A regular check up, for the violin that is. JOSEF SPACHEK: That's right, yes. Looked over it and I was at his office. There comes a dealer who brought a wonderful violin. He gave it to me to try out, and they played it for three minutes and I decided I must have it. It is French, built in 1855. MAUREEN CAVANAUGH: So you made that happen. JOSEF SPACHEK: I made it happen, even though it was a struggle. I was looking for the funds for about half of the year. MAUREEN CAVANAUGH: You told us that you returned to the US and you went to school here and went back and became a member of the Czech Philharmonic. Now you have returned. Did you enjoy touring the US? JOSEF SPACHEK: I love it. For me, it is like a second home. My wife is American, and I studied here for seven years. I would say my best years. I was 18 when I came to the country and left when I was 24. MAUREEN CAVANAUGH: And your best years. We will see about that. [ LAUGHING ] MAUREEN CAVANAUGH: Will this be your first performance at Carnegie Hall? JOSEF SPACHEK: No, I have laid there about 10 times. With Juilliard and Curtis Symphony, and the string orchestra seminar, led by Jimmy Loredo, my teacher. I did that through my winter breaks. That involves two performances in Carnegie Hall. MAUREEN CAVANAUGH: And a quick question for you, Christopher. How much time does the check Philharmonic have to rehearse? I mean it is on tour, it has blown into San Diego, does it need a lot of time? Are they set up as we speak? CHRISTOPHER BEACH: We are doing that right now. They are setting the stage, they come in and do a sound check, Because they have done this program last night. And two nights from now, they know the music, it is just a quick sound check. MAUREEN CAVANAUGH: I want to let everyone know that the La Jolla Music Society is presenting the Czech Philharmonic tonight. Thank you both very much. [ END SEGMENT ]

It's always a special day for Midday Edition when we host a live musical performance. This time it's to celebrate the appearance of the Czech Philharmonic in San Diego. Their performance tonight begins a new Celebrity Orchestra season for the La Jolla Music Society.

Not only do we have a live performance from a rising musical celebrity, the Czech Philharmonic's first violinist Josef Spachek, we also have important news about the construction of the La Jolla Music Society's own music hall.

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