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'Songs From An Unmade Bed' Tells A Rare Love Story

A 2017 photo of Joey Landwehr of "Songs From an Unmade Bed."
Sue Brenner
A 2017 photo of Joey Landwehr of "Songs From an Unmade Bed."
'Songs From An Unmade Bed' Tells A Rare Love Story
"Songs From an Unmade Bed" Tells A Unique Love Story GUEST:Joey Landwehr, actor/co-director, Compulsion Dance & Theatre

"Songs From an Unmade Bed" is a small, rarely performed show that somehow got the attention of actor Joey Landwehr.

It is the story of a gay man in New York looking for love who sings about his dates and mishaps. The play is a bit like a one-man show, but really more like a concert since there are musicians on stage that constantly set the mood for each of the songs.

Also unique about "Songs From an Unmade Bed" is that lyricist Mark Campbell wrote 18 sets of lyrics and then sent them out to composers. Duncan Sheik, Chris Miller and Jenny Giering composed for the project.


Landwehr, who moved to New York after college in Ohio, said he always loved the music and related to the funny stories told through each song. But it wasn't until he relocated to San Diego and began collaborating with choreographer Michael Mizerany that he was able to bring this story to life on stage.

Through Mizerany's Compulsion Dance & Theatre, "Songs From an Unmade Bed" makes its San Diego premiere this weekend at the Diversionary Theatre.

On Midday Edition Thursday, Landwehr discussed why he wanted to bring the show to San Diego, his collaboration with Mizerany and whether the piece is appropriate for the young actors he mentors as artistic director of JCompany Youth Theatre.

Tickets for "Songs From an Unmade Bed" can be purchased here, or by calling (619) 518-8207.