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'City Of Omens' Examines Dangers Facing Women In Tijuana

"City of Omens" book jacket cover.
Bloomsbury Publishing
"City of Omens" book jacket cover.
Author and UCSD epidemiologist Dan Werb will be speaking about his new book "City of Omens: A Search For The Missing Women of the Borderlands," Tuesday at Warwick's.

Tijuana is one of the most violent cities in Mexico and the city has become increasingly dangerous for women.

UC San Diego epidemiologist Dan Werb calls the phenomenon of dead and missing women at the border a femicide.

Werb, who has been tracking HIV in Tijuana since 2013, has been on a quest to find what’s driving the city's rising female homicide rate. His research and conclusions are detailed in his new book, “City of Omens: A Search For the Missing Women of the Borderlands.”


Werb joins Midday Edition Tuesday to discuss how police violence, the drug trade and U.S. border policy impact marginalized women in Tijuana.