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What To Expect From California's Economy In 2020

Two people exchange cash in this undated photo.
David Goldman AP
Two people exchange cash in this undated photo.
The new year has arrived and the economy is humming along with low unemployment and a healthy stock market. But, some say the economy could slow down.

2020 is here. The stock market is on a high, unemployment is low and the economy is humming along.

UCLA’s Anderson School Forecast suggests that could slow through the new year but California could slow less than the nation as a whole.

"It looks good going into 2020, we're expecting decent economic growth...between 1.5 and 2 percent, and we expect California to grow a little faster than that," said Jerry Nickelsburg, forecast director with the UCLA Anderson School.


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The forecast is slightly more optimistic than previously reported due in part by an improving housing construction nationwide and the pending phase one trade deal with China. And although there are signs that elevate the risk of a recession, Nicklesburg said, there's nothing to suggest there will be a recession in the first six months of 2020.

Nickelsburg joined Midday Edition to discuss the economic outlook for 2020.