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COVID pause interrupts promising season for SDSU men's basketball team

The Viejas Arena at SDSU.
The Viejas Arena at SDSU.

Just days after a convincing win against a nationally-ranked team, San Diego State University's men's basketball team was forced to pause their season Tuesday because of concerns over COVID-19.

Bryce Miller, sports columnist with The San Diego Union-Tribune, joined Midday Edition Wednesday to talk about how the timing for the pause was less than ideal for a team that was just starting to flourish.

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"For lots of reasons, they were finally playing some of their best basketball," Miller said.

Despite their season's temporary stoppage, the SDSU men's basketball team is far from the first sports team that has had to navigate the uncertainty that comes with the pandemic.

"I think they've learned to not plan too far ahead, like all of us really right now, in life in the COVID era. It can change on a day-to-day basis," Miller said.