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California gets low scores on 2022 Children Now report card

Office of Mayor Todd Gloria
J Street Mini Park in the Stockton neighborhood of San Diego, Calif. Oct. 7, 2021.

This year’s California Children’s Report Card is out and it is raising red flags for youth across the state.

The report card is conducted each year by the nonprofit Children Now. It shows disparities stemming from the pandemic and systemic racism need to be met with more state resources.

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The report shows that suicide rates among Black youth have more than doubled since 2014, while rates for other groups of children have remained steady.

“What we are seeing as far as causes are that there is overt and systemic racism that is putting additional pressures on Black youth. And that our Black young people are over policed and under resourced,” said Kelly Hardy, senior managing director of health and research with Children Now.

Hardy joined Midday Edition on Thursday to talk about the report card's findings and the organization's recommendations for policy changes.