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Daylight saving or standard time? Which should stay permanent?

The sun shines bright in the sky over San Diego, July 30, 2018.
KPBS Staff
The sun shines bright in the sky over San Diego, July 30, 2018.

In a rare display of bipartisan agreement on Tuesday, the U.S. Senate unanimously voted to make daylight saving time permanent.

The bill still would need to be approved by the House and signed by President Joe Biden before being implemented in 2023. Meanwhile, similar efforts have been taken up in the California state assembly as well.

As many people struggle to spring forward this week, there are differing views on how stopping biannual time changes could impact our health and day-to-day lives. Some sleep experts believe moving permanently to standard time is a better, more healthy solution rather than daylight saving time.


Despite the ongoing debate about which permanent time to settle on, there is more agreement on stopping the practice of changing our clocks during the year.

"Sleep specialists and sleep doctors seem to agree that no matter what permanent switch we make, this time change twice a year is detrimental to people's health," said CapRadio politics reporter Nicole Nixon.

Nixon joined Midday Edition on Wednesday to talk about the Senate vote and how it could affect California state lawmakers' efforts to move away from the biannual time change.