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San Diego County Bar Association evaluates judges on June primary ballot

The San Diego Superior Court is shown in this undated photo.
Milan Kovacevic
The San Diego Superior Court is shown in this undated photo.

There are seven candidates running for three San Diego Superior Court judicial seats in the June 7 primary election. These races are non-partisan and judicial candidates are restricted from taking strong stances on issues that may come before the court and they don’t take part in debates.

The San Diego County Bar Association (SDCBA) has been offering more information on the judicial candidates through an evaluation process since 1978. The Bar Association
Judicial Election Evaluation Committee (JEEC) evaluates the candidates based on 15 factors, including judgment and common sense, knowledge of the law, judicial temperament and professional reputation. The candidates are then ranked based on their qualifications out of five categories, from, "unable to evaluate," to "exceptionally qualified."

Get general information about the election, news coverage, an interactive ballot guide, and results on election day.

David Majchrzak, president of the San Diego County Bar Association joined KPBS Midday Edition to talk about why the Bar Association offers judicial evaluations as guidance for voters.


"Judges have the ability to make decisions that impact people before them in very personal ways and in very important ways. So we want to make sure that the public has as much information about these people who may be impacting their daily lives," Majchrzak said.

He said there is very little information available to the public on judicial candidates because much of their work is done outside of the public eye.

The Bar Association has released evaluations of the seven candidates in the June 7 primary.