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San Diego voted 8th best taco city in America (yes, you read that right)

Tacos are seen in an undated photo. San Diego, Calif.
Harrison Patiño
Tacos are seen in an undated photo. San Diego, Calif.

San Diego has long stood tall as one of the premier taco cities in the United States.

A recent survey of “best Taco cities in America” however, had San Diego as number eight on the list — losing out to number one ranked Austin, Texas.

In fact, even Oklahoma City scored higher on their list, which based its rankings on U.S. Census community surveys and Yelp data and scored categories like the number of taco restaurants, the number of taco food trucks and something called “Taco Passion.”


Conversely, Yelp has recently named South Bay taqueria Ed Fernandez Restaurant the top taco shop in the United States.

America's finest (taco) city also ranked number one in observation of "Taco Tuesdays."

While these rankings might ruffle some feathers about which city is truly the best for tacos, author and Los Angeles Times columnist Gustavo Arellano advocates for a more open-minded approach to metropolitan taco rivalries.

"I'm never going to hate on a place's taco scene unless I've actually had it," Arellano said.

Instead, he encourages passionate taco connoisseurs not to take "listicles" too seriously and to focus their efforts on trying new taco shops instead.


"When we hear about these [rankings] we immediately want to talk trash — don't hate until you've had it. San Diego has amazing tacos, Los Angeles has amazing tacos; stop the rivalry, We are taco cousins!"

Arellano, who is also hosting the Southern California-wide tortilla tournament, joined Midday Edition on Wednesday with more on the mass appeal of tacos across America.

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