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Reveille: Pendleton's Haditha Trial Delayed, Mullen Praises Turkey, 83-Year-Old Marine Fights Off Teen Attacker, NATO vs. Karzai, Iraq War Not Over For This Regiment

"Don't mess with Marines,"

Iraq war not over for this regiment - While addressing the national convention of the Disabled American Veterans in Atlanta on Aug. 2, President Barack Obama said, "Our commitment in Iraq is changing from a military effort," and all combat operations will cease by the end of the month. But in Killeen, Texas, the run-down military town that sits just outside the gates of Fort Hood, the reality of the Iraq war stands in direct opposition with Obama's proclamations. Within a week, the over 5,000 soldiers of Fort Hood's 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment (ACR) will redeploy to Iraq for the fourth time since the war began.