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DAILY REPORT: NATO Attack, Wikileaks, Civilian Casualties, Iraq Despair, Karzai Complains

Afghans say two students killed by NATO troops - Afghan officials accused NATO-led troops of killing two school boys in central Afghanistan this weekend after a patrol came under fire by Taliban insurgents. Gen. McChrystal: WikiLeaks a sad situation - "The decision to leak classified information is something that is illegal, and individuals are making judgments about information they are not qualified to make.' Wikileaks show scale of Iraq's civilian casualties - The documents put the death toll at 109,000, including more than 66,000 civilians. Trust and despair helped turn tide in Iraq - The Iraq war archive, taken as a whole, offers a cautionary postscript for the current military strategy in Afghanistan. Karzai condemns bombing that kills more civilians - Afghan president Hamid Karzai strongly condemned a bomb blast in Nimroz province that caused 13 civilian casualties.