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It's Election Day - Is Anyone Talking About the War?

Hey, did you watch that great election-eve debate last night between the top California Senatorial candidates about what we should do in Afghanistan? Neither did I. Because it didn't happen. Virtually no one in this election is talking about the war.

Most of the Tea Party candidates avoid the topic like the plague, as do many Democrats, some of whom were elected partly because of their anti-war stance. Even many of the record-setting 27 veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan who are running for office in this election are avoiding the subject.

Most voters are understandably concerned about the economy. But lest we forget, the death tolls of American troops in Afghanistan have been at an all-time high these past few months, and have taken an especially brutal toll on the Marines at Camp Pendleton. Yet discussions about the war in this midterm election are persona non grata. Marjorie Cohn was one of the few to notice that 'The Daily Show' host Jon Stewart spent a whole show last week interviewing President Obama about everything from health care to the economy, and neither man mentioned the war. She writes:

Gilbert Mercier writes:

And Angie Cox writes: