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DAILY REPORT: More Pendleton Casualties, Mysterious Missile, UCSD TBI Study, Local Sailors Deploy, Iraqi Christians, and more

Casualties continue to rise for Pendleton unit in Afghanistan - Three more Marines with Camp Pendleton's 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment have been killed during combat operations in Afghanistan. Thirteen members of the 3/5 have been killed since October 8. Overall, 22 Pendleton Marines have been killed in Afghanistan since late July. Pentagon has 'no clue' who launched So-Cal missile - Someone launched a missile last night west of Los Angeles, north of Catalina Island 35 miles out to sea, and as of Tuesday morning, the Pentagon still doesn't know who. The Warrior's Brain - Murray Stein, a neurologist at UCSD, is leading a group of specialists through clinical trials investigating the long-term effects of concussions mixed with high-stress situations. Local sailors deploy on critical mission - 260 sailors departed from Coronado yesterday for the United Arab Emirates to provide security, defense At ports. Iraqi Christians Memorialize Victims of Massacre - Christians in Iraq held a mass to memorialize the victims of an Al Qaeda massacre in Baghdad in which 58 people died. Many Iraqi Christians now live in San Diego. Soldier missing from Korean War identified - He was captured on Feb. 4, 1951. Surviving POWs said he had been held in a POW camp in North Korea, and died of malnutrition and dysentery.