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DAILY REPORT: PTSD and Heart Disease, Spouses Cope, US and Mexico, Iraq Vet Convicted, Vietnam, Navy Seal Remembered

Veterans with PTSD may be at higher risk for heart disease - More hardening of the arteries, higher death rate in vets with the disorder, researchers find. Army hopes resilience training helps soldiers' spouses cope with deployment - The Army's new 'Comprehensive Soldier Fitness' program aims to train all of its soldiers and spouses in the so-called resilience techniques before the unit's next combat mission. Texas Governor open to sending US military into Mexico - Gov. Rick Perry says he's open to the idea of sending U.S. troops into Mexico to fight the drug war. Perry made the comments while in San Diego where he's attending the Republican Governors Association. Iraq war veteran convicted of murder in shooting death of student - A former Army soldier who claimed to be mentally disturbed from his deployment in Iraq was convicted of capital murder Thursday in the abduction and shooting death of an Auburn University student from Georgia. Veterans' advocate recounts horrors, camaraderie of Vietnam - He trained at Camp Pendleton, learning how to fire weapons and fight in hand-to-hand combat, a big step from shooting a BB gun as a child. Trauma center in Afghanistan named after Navy SEAL Denis Miranda - Special Warfare Operator (SEAL) 3rd Class Miranda was one of nine service members who were killed in a helicopter crash in Southeastern Afghanistan last September.