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Daily Report: Troops Denied Treatment, Marines' Mission, Navy Chaplain's Exorcism, Permanent War?, Air Force Controversy and more

Troops denied TBI treatment - Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords will likely begin a tailored, cognitive rehab plan to retrain her brain to accomplish basic tasks.However, the Pentagon has refused to provide this recovery treatment to thousands of injured U.S. troops with traumatic brain injuries. Battle brews over Marines EFV, larger mission - Lawmakers are primed to defend a $14 billion General Dynamics Corp amphibious landing vehicle canceled by Defense Secretary Robert Gates. Navy chaplain: homosexuality can be cured through 'exorcisms' - He advocates exorcism as the one true way to 'cure' homosexuality, and then says that saying you're gay is the same thing as claiming you are a woman. 34,600 troops set to deploy in 2011 - Is permanent war on thehorizon? Air Force invite member of 'Lord's Army' - The US Air Force Academy's invitation of a former Marine who says USMC stands for United States Marines for Christ to speak at its annual prayer luncheon has been criticized from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. New Navy Jammer could invade networks, nuke sites - Rather than going toe-to-toe with J-20s and other enemy jets, the Navy is planning to attack its rivals where they're most vulnerable: in the electromagnetic spectrum.