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Controversial NASCAR Funding Amendment Crashes and Burns

The House of Representatives today flooded the engine on a proposal to ban military sponsorship of NASCAR. Just to refresh your memory (in case you have a really bad short-term memory) Congresswoman Betty McCollum of Minnesota introduced an amendment to the federal budget to stop the military from using taxpayer dollars for its NASCAR sponsorship. This kind of sponsorship has been going on for more than a decade, according to the Wall Street Journal:

According to the WSJ, the Army spends roughly $7 million each year on NASCAR sponsorship. Not surprisingly, McCollum became the girl who kicked the hornet's nest with the amendment. As John Kerry never said, "Who among us does not love NASCAR?" Some nutcase even sent McCollum a threatening fax because of her proposal, as was reported on Home Post yesterday. Well, today the House voted down the measure 281-148.

This is the last time I'll write about this. I promise. Just wanted to see this whole thing go full circle. Pun intended.