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Local Navy Seal Awarded Silver and Bronze Stars

Imperial Beach native and Navy Seal Joseph Molina has earned both a Silver Star and Bronze Star for his incredibly brave actions while he serving in Afghanistan in 2009, as reported by the San Diego Union-Tribune. During a reluctant interview with U-T reporter Michael Stetz, Molina batted away repeated suggestions that the deeds which earned him the Silver Star and Bronze Star were at all heroic. Read this, and then decide for yourself if Molina acted like a hero:

Sounds pretty darn heroic to me. A page on the Navy's website explains how one earns the Silver and Bronze Stars:

The most heroic thing I do at my job is avoid typos and grammatical errors. So, yeah...I think Molina deserves all the accolades he's received so far. If you want to see video of the Silver Star awards ceremony, click here.