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Oscar Night for Restrepo Stars

My husband and I watched the Academy Award-nominated documentary Restrepo this weekend in anticipation of the Oscar ceremony last night. Restrepo is the story of a group of Army men sent to Afghanistan's Korengal Valley. Directors Sebastian Junger and Tim Hetherington describe the movie this way:

The documentary stays with you long after the credits roll. While watching Restrepo, you ride along in a Humvee as it hits an IED. You watch a soldier find out his buddy has been killed in the middle of a battle with the Taliban, and yet he must stay focused and continue to fight. Another soldier describes how he had to call his mother and wish her a happy birthday and pretend that everything was OK, even though the group's medic, Doc Restrepo, had just lost his life.

The movie didn't win the Academy Award last night. But the men who were featured in Restrepo got to attend the ceremony, and found the experience daunting, yet thrilling, according to USA Today:


These men come across as so likable, witty, and HUMAN in the documentary Restrepo. I'd recommend moving it to the top of your Netflix list. It's also airing on the National Geographic channel. Here's the trailer: