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The Gadhafi vs. Sheen Quizzes Just Keep Coming

Everybody is getting into the act now. Yesterday I posted a collection of wacky quizzes published by very reputable news outlets. The test? Whether a specific bizarre rant spewed in the previous week was said by Moammar Gadhafi or Charlie Sheen, both of whom have been taking a hit in the PR department as of late. Well, two more members of the fourth estate have jumped on the "Sheen or Gadhafi" bandwagon. New York magazine has even thrown Glenn Beck into the mix, making the quiz that much tougher. Our friends across the pond, The Guardian, have a very user-friendly version of the brainteaser.

If you need some musical inspiration while you take your quizzes, watch the video below, courtesy of The World. The PRI radio program showcased the Israeli musician Noy Alooshe, whose hip hop remix of a Gadhafi speech has gone viral. Even Libya's opposition party posted the video on its Facebook page. Enjoy!