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Don't Expect a Big Decision on Libya Today, Says Carney

White House spokesman Jay Carney told a group of reporters this morning that a meeting of President Obama's top advisers later today won't necessarily produce a decision about how to respond to the crisis in Libya, according to the Associated Press. The meeting's participants are Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Joint Chief of Staffs chairman Mike Mullen, and CIA Director Leon Panetta. At issue, Reuters reports, is whether the United States and the international community will respond militarily to Moammar Gadhafi's attacks on his own people. But it's not the like United States has done nothing, according to Reuters:

The lack of a decision today is bound to frustrate the New York Times editorial board. The paper published an op-ed criticizing Obama for his "hand-wringing."

The Times fails to specify exactly what the president needs to do to stop Gadhafi. But the editorial does say whatever it is we do, we should do it with other countries.