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New Poll Finds Most Americans Support Air Strikes in Libya

The Los Angeles Times reports that according to a new poll, 70 percent of Americans support the no-fly zone now in place over Libya. What's interesting is that just 28 percent of those polled would support U.S. military troops on the ground in Libya.

CNN conducted the poll over the weekend, from Friday through Sunday, of more than 1000 Americans. Those polled on Friday gave their answers after the United Nations Security Council vote to implement a no-fly zone, but before air strikes on Libya began Saturday.

The Los Angeles Times reports...


A poll taken last week showed just 56 percent of Americans supported a no-fly zone over Libya, while 40 percent of those polled opposed it, according to CNN. What a difference a week makes. What about you? Do you support Operation Odyssey Dawn? Or do you worry that it's a big mistake?