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Video of U.S. Fighter Jet Crash - Both Crew Members Alive and Well

Libyans gather around wreckage of US jet crash
Getty Images
Libyans gather around wreckage of US jet crash

The Washington Post reports this morning both crew members of the F-15E Strike Eagle that crashed in Libya today are safely out of the country. According to the WP, both the pilot and the bombardier ejected and parachuted to safety before the plane crashed. The cause of the crash is believed to be mechanical difficulty.

According to CNN, the crew members were greeted and cared for by grateful Libyan civilians. CNN reports the pilot is now aboard the USS Kearsarge, and that he was in good enough shape after the crash to walk aboard the Kearsarge.

The names of the crew members won't be released until their family members have been notified.


Great Britain's Channel 4 News published video of the crash site on its website. Take a look below: