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Top Gun-Inspired Move Gets Pilot in Trouble

Let's hearken back to a simpler time...when Val Kilmer could fit into a flight suit, and the first word that popped into your mind when you thought of Tom Cruise was "sexy" and not "scary." I'm talking about, of course, the movie "Top Gun." We all took the highway to the danger zone, and packed the theaters to watch Pete "Maverick" Mitchell fly his way into our hearts.

It turns out an air force pilot named Maj. Christopher Kopacek tried to be somewhat of a "Maverick" himself, but his superiors lost that lovin' feeling when he did, according to a story in USA Today. The paper reports that Kopacek tried a "Top Gun" flyover that flopped:

Just in case your memory of Top Gun is fuzzy, or perhaps the memories are just too painful, USA Today provided a clip of Maverick getting mavericky: