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The Latest on Libya - France Takes the Lead, Obama Takes the Heat

It's day six of Operation Odyssey Dawn. The latest news coming out of Libya this morning centers around France, believe it or not. Several news outlets, including USA Today, are reporting that a French fighter jet today destroyed a Libyan plane near Misrata. According to USA Today:

In addition, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that French jets bombed a Libyan air base:

Meanwhile back at the ranch, controversy continues to swirl around the United States' involvement in Operation Odyssey Dawn. President Obama, despite polls showing a majority of Americans support the mission, is getting smack talk from his critics - many of whom don't actually hold elected office any more (read: Newt Gingrich and half-term former Alaska governor Sarah Palin). Palin decided to rhyme her Obama criticism on Fox News, as reported by the Los Angeles Times:


Hey, I've got a poem of my own:

OK, enough "poetry" for now. Back to prose. Speaker of the House John Boehner has been an ongoing critic of Obama's failure to specifically outline our mission in Libya. Take a look at the letter his sent to the president, courtesy of CNN: