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New Friday Night Flicks for Military Movie Lovers - What's Your Favorite?

Do you find yourself most Friday nights, remote in hand, wondering why there's nothing good to watch on TV? Well, the Military Channel has a brand, spankin' new program (starting this Friday) aimed at entertaining the troops, and anyone who loves movies about the troops. It's called "An Officer and a Movie," and Lou Diamond Phillips will be the host, according to a press release.

Military Channel president Henry Schleiff says:

Variety magazine reports that a military officer will join Phillips each week to discuss the movie.


It sounds like so far, "An Officer and a Movie" will stick to movie dramas, but the best military movie I've seen of late is the documentary Restrepo, which I blogged about last month. My two favorite movies of all time ("The English Patient" and "Doctor Zhivago") aren't exactly military pictures, but they both take place during wartime.

What's your favorite military movie? Which flick would you like to see featured on "An Officer and a Movie"?