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Libya Today: Uganda as Refuge for Gahdafi and New Poll on U.S. Involvement

The country of Uganda is one of the most searched terms on Google right now, and I'm assuming it's because of the surprising news coming out of the mouth of one of Uganda's ministers of foreign affairs. Henry Okello Oryem told Reuters today that his country would consider offering asylum to Moammar Gadhafi, provided he applied through the proper channels, of course. According to Reuters:

When confronted with this television report, Oryem told Reuters:

Still, the question remains whether Gadhafi will even need to find asylum in another country. He could, after all, remain in power. The British newspaper The Telegraph reports that Libyan rebels seem to take two steps forward and one step back when it comes to overpowering Gadhafi's forces.


Interestingly enough, new poll shows there some American support for using military force to oust Gadhafi. The Washington Post has a story today on two new polls by the Associated Press andQuinnipiac University, both of which show the country evenly divided on support for our military action in Libya. When it comes to using force to get rid of Gadhafi:

Something to chew on, I suppose. Where do you stand on ousting Gadhafi?