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Camp Pendleton Marine Featured in the Wall Street Journal

Chad and Katie Wade
Chad and Katie Wade

I find this to be an amazing coincidence, or synchronicity, or whatever you want to call it. Last week Home Post featured the story of Katie Wade, the widow of a Camp Pendleton marine, who blogged as a way of dealing with her grief. Well, yesterday the Wall Street Journal wrote a very moving article about Camp Pendleton marines who were ordered by their commander to deal with the death of their buddy in Afghanistan right there on the front lines. The name of the marine who was killed? Chad Wade, the husband of Katie Wade.

The story in the Wall Street Journal focuses on the importance of treating the emotional trauma of brutal loss while on the front lines, rather than waiting until the troops return home from deployment.

Chad Wade died in December 2010 in Helmand Province. He was just 22-years-old.