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Obama's Proposed Cuts to the Defense Budget

Obama Delivers Speech On Fiscal Policy
Getty Images
Obama Delivers Speech On Fiscal Policy

Today President Obama gave a speech to the nation, outlining the programs and departments he feels need some trim-trim-trimming long-term to reduce the country's deficit. Bloomberg News reports the plan he's come up with would, over the next dozen years, cut $4 trillion from the deficit.

As far as the fiscal 2012 budget goes, one of the president's main targets is the Department of Defense. According to the Associated Press, the Obama's plan...

Those numbers differ from what Defense Secretary Robert Gates said the Pentagon needs to get by, at minimum $540 billion.


What's interesting is that the Tea Party faction of the Republican Party in Congress is one of the biggest supporters of cutting the defense budget, according to the Associated Press and the Washington Post.

Here's a clip of the president's speech, courtesy of NBC News:

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